The Handbook of Greek Coinage Series
About the Author

Oliver Hoover

Oliver D. Hoover studied Ancient History and Classics at McMaster University and New York University. He has been a curatorial assistant at the American Numismatic Society and has done numismatic work for archaeological sites in Turkey and Syria. He currently serves as the International Editor of Numismatic Literature and regularly reviews numismatic books ranging in content from ancient to modern in the ANS Magazine. He has published widely on Seleucid and Near Eastern numismatics—including the award-winning books, Seleucid Coins, Part II (New York/Lancaster, 2008) with Arthur Houghton and Catharine Lorber, and Coins of the Seleucid Empire in the Collection of Arthur Houghton, Part II (New York, 2007)—as well as on Seleucid historiography and epigraphy.

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